The Anatomy of a Theme Party

So you finally picked the ideal theme for the party that you are planning. You sent out the invitations and are sure of what the decor is going to be. You have the ideal menu for the party planned and then after all the planning you are at the big day. So how does the party go? It will all depend on how you set it up.

When you put in so much planning you want the event to be a success so plan out the progress of the party as well. Set up fixed time slots to move from one part of the party to the next. Factor in some flexibility, but remember things tend to take longer than you thought they would. On the whole if you follow these tips your party should stay right on track and rock.

The Entry - As guests come into the party venue they need to be pushed into "Theme Mode". Some themes will involve costumes that already make them look the part, but you have to make them feel the part too. This is easiest done by giving them something related to the theme as they enter. For instance if you are having a Vampire theme give them a pair of fangs. If you are having a Casino night pass out some playing cards. You can use these handouts in a party game later.

The Games - Try and keep the first game a simple ice breaker. Even of the guests are comfortable with each other, allow them to get used to the theme. Opt for simple games which have few rules and incorporate an element of the theme. Then give the party some time to digest the first game before you move into the next party activity. Remember to have fun is the object of the party, even when you are sticking to your agenda. Explain the rules to the games well in advance and organize any material that you will need to conduct the games before hand. Have them ready in a cardboard box with you. One box per game is a great idea.

The Prizes - Keep theme appropriate prizes for the games where possible. Also make sure you cater for a few extras as the games tend to end in tie breakers and you may want to hand out a few more gifts. Also if you have to have another game because its just too early to serve the food, you need to have spare prizes available.  Try and pick things that are not too expensive and that you may be able to return if unused. Also try and give out as many small gifts as you can. Nothing boosts a guest's mood as much as winning a prize at the party.

The Food - The snacks should flow freely all through  the party, even during the games. Get some help with the serving. If its a formal venue you will have waiters to help, but if its as home make sure you enlist the help of at least two friends to help you out. Also make sure that you have enough variety of drinks and beverages available. Do not run out of ice. Stock up and make your neighbor stock up too! When you serve the actual food, make the plates as close to the theme as possible. The food itself will be inspired by the theme and you can set up menu cards which spell this out.

The Take Homes - After an evening of fun and frolic a small token to take home will be the icing on the cake. While children expect take homes at a birthday party, the adults at a theme party do not. So it will be a good surprise for them. Again it does not have to be something very expensive. You can buy in bulk and wrap them up individually. Try and give something that goes with the theme and that will serve as a memento as well.


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