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This site is a direct result of a number of parties and events that I have hosted. Being an employee of an Event Management Company allowed me to see first hand that having a party is fun if you are well organized. Be it a gathering of close friends at Christmas in your home or a Corporate Event at a Convention Hall we always want the event to be a success.

It all boils down to preparation!

To make sure that you have the ideal event you need to know what you want to do in it. Is it just a gathering of friends out to play some games and eat good food? Is it a birthday celebration for a preschooler, or a high school teen? Is it the silver wedding anniversary of your parents? Or is it just a romantic dinner for your spouse and you? A company picnic which includes a pot luck? Be clear about the logistics and everything else will fall into place.

Here's a set of ideas that you can use:

Venue - This is the basic and most important decision you will make. It can seriously affect the success of your party. The weather plays an important role in your choice. If the party is slated for the winter months it would make sense to have it indoors. The garden is best used in the summers. Also the number of people will have to be considered. If the number is far greater than you can comfortably deal with at home, hire out a hall or restaurant.

Food - Check out in advance if you have vegetarians in your party guests. Cater with adequate food and snacks for them. Also if it is a theme party you may want to go along with the theme in the food you serve as well. Just make sure that it is not something too exotic and that your guests will be comfortable eating it. Being creative is good, but a guest going hungry is not!

Drink- Naturally the age of the guests will determine the drinks that are served. Make sure that you have a lot of ice. That is the first thing that usually runs out at many a party leaving the host no choice but to go buy some more in the middle of a party. Also make sure that if your guests have a drinking preference for a particular beverage it is easily available to them.

Games -The success of your party in no small measure depends on the entertainment that you provide. While music is a given, the games must also be age appropriate and fun. Don't pick highly complicated games with a whole lot of rules, unless your friends really like such games. The games that work best in parties are easy to play and can be played by all members present.


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