The Barbie Theme Birthday Party

If you are planning a party for your little girl you may already have a request for a Barbie Theme. (One of the most common birthday party ideas for girls in their tweens!) In which case you will become the best Mom in the world for actually letting her have the theme. Although you must also give her a budget to plan the party in. Try and give her a figure that is lesser than what you have in mind, so when the eventual spill outs do occur you are still prepared for it.

Also ask her to limit the party to a limited number of friends. They should be her classmates or friends she plays with on a daily basis. This will mean that a uniform age group will attend the party and will be easier to handle for you. As you will not have to think of entertaining kids from different age groups and the same games can be played by everyone.
Pre Party Preparation

Get those Barbie Invites done and delivered

There are a number of different types of Barbies out there. So it may make sense to pick the story that your child loves the best. Although since it is all Barbie you don't have to kill yourself getting the identical paraphernalia. To make the invitations at home you can use a packet of Barbie stickers and chart paper. This will keep your little girl busy and happy. Plus the delivery of these invites becomes all the more personal.

Make sure that you get the invites sent out at least a week to ten days before the party. Other parents will need time getting the theme costumes going! And you will have fixed the venue and time and will be able to plan the remaining elements of the party with ease.

Barbie Gifts and Prizes and Take Home Packets

Since you are having the Barbie themed party your take home gifts, and prizes for the games will need to be associated with Barbie. There are a number of  inexpensive products that you can pick up and stock up on such as Barbie Mugs, Barbie Doll Dresses or Barbie Pencils. You can fix up the gifts and the prizes for the games later. Make sure you feature the take home gifts in your daughter's budget for the party.

In addition to the gifts that you get, have some chocolate bars handy to give out as bonus gifts (these need not be part of the budget for your daughter.) Make the "take home" packets ready and store in an easy to remember place. Do cater for extra kids who might drop in with their siblings or other last minute guests.About 5 extra packets is good enough.

Order the Cake with Barbie on it 

But naturally the birthday cake must have the favorite Barbie Character of your little girl on it. Make sure that you choose a cake that she approves of and will look forward to. It is best to order from a bakery which will deliver the cake to the party venue, as this will save you last minute running around to get the cake. If they don't deliver, tie up with a friend or a delivery service to pick it up. If you must get it yourself make sure you get it in the morning well before the party starts.

If you are planning on getting  ordering the snacks or cooking them at home make sure you figure just how much time and effort will be involved in that. Ideally the cake and food should be ready before the party starts. That way you get to enjoy the games and party with your child.

Party Time

The decoration of the venue should be over at least an hour before the party starts. Get all the theme stuff and balloons and streamers and other party decorations in order. Once you have all the things in order you can welcome your little guests and get set for the party. Music is of paramount importance here. Get peppy songs and foot tapping popular music to play throughout the party. The three things the kids look forward to at the party are the Games, the Cake and the Gifts.

Barbie Theme Games

Keep about three party games on an average. They will take about 15 minutes each and that will add up to an hour in real time as the evening progresses. After which you can serve the food.

The Barbie Doll! Divide the kids into groups of four or five. Give each group a set of materials to dress up their Barbie Doll with. Blast the music and have a catwalk to decide on the best costume. Let the birthday girl pick a winner. Then crown the winner and give the gifts to the winning team.

The Barbie Pop Quiz. Let your daughter act as Quiz Master and ask a set of Barbie movies related questions.The first person to answer wins an instant prize. You can help frame the questions before hand. About 8 to 10 questions are enough.

Pass the Tiara. This is like a modification of pass the parcel. The kids sit in circle and as the music is played they must take the tiara off their head and put in on the head of the next child. When the music stops the person wearing the tiara is the princess who decides on a performance she wishes to see another child give. She can ask any one in the circle to sing a song, dance, tell a joke, etc. When it is done she must remove the tiara from her head and move out of the circle. Continue till there are two kids left. Give them both gifts.

Cut the Cake

After the games are over get the music blasting while you get the food and table set. Now is the time to cut the cake and take all those photos. So make sure you have the camera and a designated camera man ready. Ensure that you have finger foods as eats that kids will find easy to munch on. Have plenty of paper napkins on hand and keep mops handy for spills.

Take Home Gifts

Once the kids have finished with the eats, you can have them all line up for their take home gifts and go home. Make sure that you label each gift with the name of the child if you are giving different things to each child. If it is a common set of items, no problem, just have the birthday girl hand out one bag at a time.

Clean Up! Yes the kids bithday party is over and it was a great success, but make sure that you get your kids to help you clean up before the gifts are opened. That way you will have less to do the morning after. Get professional help if you can.Keep huge garbage bags ready to fill in all the used paper plates and styrofoam cups.All decorations which may be reused should be kept away.

You can print this page out and keep for your reference. If you found this post useful. :)


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Its a very common idea for party but it is loved by every little girl.Thanks for sharing it.
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