Party Snacks for Kids

For Small Kids

By small kids I mean all those under ten year old children who will not eat regular food. So how do you get them to eat at a party? You give them finger foods which does not need them to hold on to a plate. They can just pick up a snack and keep playing whatever game it is that they are involved in. That way they will not suddenly get hungry and cranky during the party.

Children do need to get their energy levels topped up during the party considering just how much they exert themselves. It will also save you from getting them to eat properly at the end of the party when you are cutting the cake. At that time they can forget about the snacks and focus on the cake. So what do you give them? You give them easy to eat finger foods which are not sticky or messy.

Pop Corn, Finger Fries, and Carrot Sticks are ideal. If you are looking for more ideas find them here. Let these snacks come all through the time that the kids are playing games and getting on with the party. The more they dance and play the hungrier and thirstier they will get. So make sure you have enough water and cold drinks at hand.

Keep plenty of disposable glasses at hand. Each kid will use more than one. So you don't want to run short of glasses at the party. It is usually best to cater for three glasses per head per child attending. Also have a lot of ice handy. We do not want to run around hunting for ice at the last moment, do we?

 For Older Children

For the ten years plus age group it is not too much trouble as you can serve a heavy snacky affair at the end of the party after the cake has been cut. At the same time there have to be a sprinkling of snacks in between the games and activities that are being conducted. You can use some peanuts, wafers, crisps or cheese balls as your filler snacks.

Here you may want to offer a wider range of beverages as compared to snacks. Some healthier options apart from carbonated drinks would be fruit juices, smoothies and milk shakes. Of course you will have to cater to all the kids attending so you may want to have a limited number of each kind of drink on offer. Make up for the lighter snacks with a lavish meal spread after the cake is cut.

You can use Burgers, Pizzas and Noodles as your heavier snacks. Try bread based snacks to add varaition, but don't get stuck on mere sandwiches. Remember while the food is part of the party, it is just a small aspect. The main thing is for the kids to have a good time. As long as they enjoy themselves, you have had a successful party.


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