Mango Panha - A cooling mango drink for summers

While it has been considered the king of fruits, the Mango is also considered heat generating. That is why you are advised not to binge on them in the summer. I love mangoes and have a severe allergic reaction to them if I have more than one a day. So the next best alternative is Mango Panha or Aam Panha as it is known locally.

The funny thing is, once you cook the mango and turn it into this mango pulp juice, it is considered a cooling drink. So here's the recipe for Aam Panha.

Aam Panha

1 kg Raw Mangoes 
(Hari Aam ki Kairi)

1/4 cup Jaggery (Gud) 
Can also use sugar.

Salt to taste

1/2 litre water

1.    Wash the mangoes and soak them in water for a hour so that any dirt gets dissolved.
2.    Now place the Mangoes with half a litre of water in the pressure cooker.
3.    Cook for 3 whistles. Cool and open cooker. take out the skin and the seed and leave the pulp and water in the cooker.
4. In a blender mix the mango pulp, with salt, jaggery or sugar and water. Blend well and store in the fridge
5. Add ice, water and sugar as required to dilute the drink when serving the mango juice.

If you are looking at some more Mango Recipes check out this cook book.


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