The Entertainment Video for the Masquerade Ladies Club

Masquerade Ladies Club Song - I was born a hundred thousand years ago.
Get the lyrics of the song here

You can not see the video very clearly, but this was the performance we did at the end of the meet when the husbands came in.
See the video here

Chocolate Cake

The simplest and easiest pudding to make is nice hot chocolate cake iced with some fudge icing. Here is the recipe that I use.


4 Eggs
1 and quarter cup Flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup cream
4 tbsp Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp Baking Powder

1. Beat the eggs, sugar and cream well.
2. Then sift cocoa power, baking powder and flour together a couple of times.
3. Add the dry flour mix to the sugar, eggs and cream mix.
4. Fold it in well so that there is enough air for the batter to breathe.
5. Dump it all in a mkcrowave safe dish.
6. Set the heat on "high" or 100% and bake for 5 minutes.
7. Switch it off and let it stand in the microwave for 10 to 15 minutes.
8. Ice it with chocolate fudge icing. (Click the link to get that recipe)

Note - To make it healthier use half atta and half maida.
Ensure that the baking dish is twice or thrice the size of the batter as the cake will rise as it bakes

Masquerade Theme Party Decor

In continuation of the Masquerade Theme Party here's what the decor was like. There were six tables set for six guests each. The circular tables were placed in a zig zag fashion so that everyone seated had a good view of the stage area where the entertainment was to be performed.
On the table there  was gold dust sprinkled and a clipboard with the first game kept ready.
The bowl had water and some floating confetti in it. Around the bowl there was a scattering of artificial pearls and a set of golden circular shaped coins.
We added coke in the water later so that it showed up as black against the white sheet and confetti balls. Next to the tables each pillar had a specific type of mask.

 These were the team symbols for the particular table. Six different shaped masks were strung up on the pillars. The center stage looked like this

Sorry can't figure out how to rotate it. Here's what we looked like
The whole show went off well and in the next post I will share the games that we made them play.

Masquerade Circular and Invitation Card

The last post gave the rhyme I used in the circular and invitation card. Now I share the photos of what the card and circular look like.
This is the card in the shape of a mask for the main guest !!!
I used two different colours of hand made paper, some gold glitter to highlight the eye holes, some flower making supplies to jazz up the two sides and some sequins and stars to enhance the look.
Here is what it looks like on the inside

Besides this I also made a circular in the register.
The text says "you're invited" on the left page and "masquerade" the right side. Then you turn over to get to this
Sorry about the wire that snuck into the pic. I was charging my phone as I took the snaps. The rhyme on this page is the one I shared in the previous post.

Masquerade Theme Ladies Club

Hello All,
Its been a while since I blogged and now I have something worthwhile to share. We are getting ready to host the Ladies Club next month and I thought it would be helpful if you all got to see the steps that went into the organization.
The first step is the invitation and here is the rhyme that I wrote for the circular -

If solving mysteries gives you pleasure,
We have an evening planned to treasure.
So hide your identity behind a mask,
To guess who you are, is our task!
Dress up as any character from history,
To add to your own allure and mystery.
For fun and games, please come prepared,
You never know for what you may be dared.
As the ladies of the *** ***  give a
This is an open invitation to one and all!

I will keep sharing each step of the way as we go along.

Birthday Cards inspired by Snehal

A birthday party calls for a birthday card. My friend Snehal is an expert at handmade cards. She makes some of the prettiest cards that I have ever seen. So I got inspired by the lovely birthday cards that she has on her blog and decided to make some myself. (You can check out her blog here)

This first one was actually a copy of a card that she had made. I kind of took the same elements and changed the design a bit. Am not sure it worked but hey I had fun.

The insides look like this

I'm not sure how to rotate the card images. So you guys will just have to crane your neck to look at the cards today. Will try and do a better job of the photos the next time.

The second card looks like this

And this is what the insides look like

And I even added a few waves to the envelop. Hope you liked the cards.
That's all from me for now.

Sweets - Souffles and Biscuits

Here's another collected recipes post with all things sweet. Considering that most of these are my own recipes I am reasonable sure that you guys will enjoy them. Some of them were taken from others and added to as well. All of these are being migrated over from my other blog. So click on the headings to go over to the recipes.

Chocolate Fudge Icing

This is what takes any regular sponge or vanilla cake the extra mile. This gooey and yummy icing is easy to make and is an instant success with kids.

Butter Bake Biscuits

For those of you who have tasted Kayani's Shrewsberry biscuits this will taste familiar. Its not as good as the original, although I will keep trying to get that formula right.

Praline or Butterscotch

This is the crispy crunchy bit that you can use to top off ice cream and puddings. You can add this in a tipsy pudding to get extra crunch.

Praline Souffle

The praline above is also used to make this praline souffle. The original recipe was from my aunt. I do tend to tweak it a little and so should you!

Lemon Souffle

This is a good lemon souffle recipe. Just don't go overboard on the lemon rind and zest or it can end up tasting quite bitter.

For those of you still looking forward to the cake recipes there's not too long a wait.

Mixed Recipes

Here is a collection of recipes that I  have picked up from other posts on the internet. They are building blocks to more elaborate recipes. You can make these and keep a couple of days before the party and have them available ready to improvise on the day of the party.

Some of them are really quite good. Others can do with a little personal touch to improve. Hope you enjoy trying them out as much as I did. To go to the recipes click on the title heads. They will take you to the page with the recipe.

Mushroom Sauce

This is a good base for stir fried vegetables. If you intend to serve this at the party make the sauce and store in the fridge a day before. Cut up the vegetables and store them as well. Then on the day of the party  stir fry the vegetables and add the mushroom sauce just before serving. Heat up together and you have a great dish ready.

Broccoli and Cheese

This one is so cheesy and delicious that even the kids won't mind eating their broccoli. If you are too averse to broccoli you can alter the recipe. Use regular white cauliflower instead of the green broccoli. It may not be quite as colourful, but it will still taste great.

"No Vegetable" Soup Recipe

This one is good for those unannounced visitors at odd hours. When you need to serve a hot soup in a hurry and don't have any vegetable or chicken stock available you can use this quick recipe. I tried it out and it came out quite tasty.

Basic Vegetable soup

Call it vegetable stock or basic veg soup. You can use this as a soup by itself or spice it up with some more ingredients. Croutons and soup sticks will help dress it up. As will some finely chopped coriander or parsley depending on your taste and availability.

Basic Chicken Stock

A truely versatile little soup stock with which you can proceed to build any umber of more complicated soups. One of which is give below - the chicken wanton soup. I also found it a good base to make the talumein soup with.

Chicken Wanton Soup

Some hot soup with baby spinach leaves to add color to the white wantons in the clear soup. Yum is the word if you prefer your soup under spiced and clean. For those of you more interested in a hearty meal try the Thukpa recipe below.

Vegetable Wanton Soup

For the vegetarians there can be wantons that have no egg. Here is how to make the egg-less wantons and add them to the vegetable stock to make veg wanton soup. Again the spinach leaves can come right in to add color to the dish.

Thukpa - The Noodle Soup from Leh

 For those who have been to Leh this soupy noodle meal is no surprise. It is the staple meal of the local population combining carbohydrates with a good deal of hot fluid and nutritious vegetables. Add the chicken chunks and it also gets protein rich.

Hope you enjoyed these recipes. Will be back with some more soon. Check out more soups and salads in this book.

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