Sweets - Souffles and Biscuits

Here's another collected recipes post with all things sweet. Considering that most of these are my own recipes I am reasonable sure that you guys will enjoy them. Some of them were taken from others and added to as well. All of these are being migrated over from my other blog. So click on the headings to go over to the recipes.

Chocolate Fudge Icing

This is what takes any regular sponge or vanilla cake the extra mile. This gooey and yummy icing is easy to make and is an instant success with kids.

Butter Bake Biscuits

For those of you who have tasted Kayani's Shrewsberry biscuits this will taste familiar. Its not as good as the original, although I will keep trying to get that formula right.

Praline or Butterscotch

This is the crispy crunchy bit that you can use to top off ice cream and puddings. You can add this in a tipsy pudding to get extra crunch.

Praline Souffle

The praline above is also used to make this praline souffle. The original recipe was from my aunt. I do tend to tweak it a little and so should you!

Lemon Souffle

This is a good lemon souffle recipe. Just don't go overboard on the lemon rind and zest or it can end up tasting quite bitter.

For those of you still looking forward to the cake recipes there's not too long a wait.


Ujjwal said...

Your blog is so much fun!! I found you through Snehal's. Will have to give these recipes a try :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ujjwal. Hope they taste good!

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