Birthday Cards inspired by Snehal

A birthday party calls for a birthday card. My friend Snehal is an expert at handmade cards. She makes some of the prettiest cards that I have ever seen. So I got inspired by the lovely birthday cards that she has on her blog and decided to make some myself. (You can check out her blog here)

This first one was actually a copy of a card that she had made. I kind of took the same elements and changed the design a bit. Am not sure it worked but hey I had fun.

The insides look like this

I'm not sure how to rotate the card images. So you guys will just have to crane your neck to look at the cards today. Will try and do a better job of the photos the next time.

The second card looks like this

And this is what the insides look like

And I even added a few waves to the envelop. Hope you liked the cards.
That's all from me for now.


snehal watwe welde said...

Hey so sweet ...lovely cards.I am really touched.thanks for encouraging me.It was you who encouraged me to start a blog .

Cashmere said...

Snehal, I love the cards you post on your blog. It is wonderful how you find the time to do so much craft work.

Anonymous said...

Success to you Cashmere, and to your friend.
What I appreciate is your generosity being mirrored by your friends appreciation for the support she received from you.

Cashmere said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment Aunt Lorena. Am sorry that I have not been able to spend much time blogging as I've been bust with packing.

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