Masquerade Theme Party Decor

In continuation of the Masquerade Theme Party here's what the decor was like. There were six tables set for six guests each. The circular tables were placed in a zig zag fashion so that everyone seated had a good view of the stage area where the entertainment was to be performed.
On the table there  was gold dust sprinkled and a clipboard with the first game kept ready.
The bowl had water and some floating confetti in it. Around the bowl there was a scattering of artificial pearls and a set of golden circular shaped coins.
We added coke in the water later so that it showed up as black against the white sheet and confetti balls. Next to the tables each pillar had a specific type of mask.

 These were the team symbols for the particular table. Six different shaped masks were strung up on the pillars. The center stage looked like this

Sorry can't figure out how to rotate it. Here's what we looked like
The whole show went off well and in the next post I will share the games that we made them play.


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