Birthday Party in 48 hours!

As my son turned seven he initially decided that he did not want a birthday party and would make do with a trip to the National Rail Museum as a special treat. So we decided to visit the museum on the weekend as his birthday was on a weekday. He enjoyed his second trip there and we all had fun in the toy train ride. It had been a lovely relaxed day, but that was about to change.

That evening he went down to play in the colony and came back super upset. Since it was 1st April no one would believe that it was his birthday and so he invited his friends for a party to make them believe it really was his birthday. Now the panic began. Thankfully we had already ordered a two kg birthday cake in the shape of Johnny Test. (that's the cake in the pic)

For those of you who are not addicted to cartoons this is a boy who has two twin elder sisters and a talking dog. The sisters are usually conducting some experiment or the other and Johnny tends to get caught up in them leading to some new adventure all the time.

So the cake was already ordered and would not be an issue. Next I began working out the guest list. We decided to keep it to just the kids in the colony whom he played with. That brought the total up to five boys and their siblings. So I had a party for ten to play.

 I began with the handmade invitations which I made in the morning on the 2nd while I got Rehaan ready for school. Once I dropped him off at the bus stand and watched him board I went out distributing the invitations to the mothers in the colony.

Invitations done I began to look into the eats for the party. A friend's mother gave me the grand idea to fry smiley faces, and serve cheese pizza and garlic bread. Far better than the samosas, burgers and spring rolls that I was thinking of having catered.

Next I took my trusted two wheeler and headed off to sector 7 where I had seen a couple of  gift shops. I had party favours to pick up and with the ages of the siblings going from 2 to 14 years it was quite a task in itself. The boys of Rehaan's age all got the exact same stuff. I came back and sorted out all the return gifts and labeled them appropriately.

The next day I sat and planned the games that we would have and got gifts for them. We had the ring toss, musical chairs and London bridge. Easy enough games to conduct and popular enough with the boys to be fun. Of course I had to warn Rehaan that even if he won, he would not get the prize.

I went and picked up some pepsi, appy fizz and fruit juice boxes. Also got a packet of balloons and the Happy Birthday banner. Picked up paper plates, glasses and the garlic bread from the bakery. The cake was collected half an hour before the party began. And then the kids came rolling in. I must say that they were very well behaved and I had only one major spill, which thankfully was water and not some carbonated drink.

By 6 the party was done, with three games played, the cake cut and the food eaten. I handed out the return gift packets and told them all to meet downstairs in ten minutes for regular play time. They all trooped out, Rehaan opened his gifts and then ran off to join them. I spent the next half an hour cleaning up and by the time HD returned the house did not look messy at all....PHEW!


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