Candy Bar Quiz

A paper game for someone with a sweet tooth.

Guess the name of the Candy bar using the clue provided. 

For example Almost between would be Twix.

1. Peculiar laughter
2. Nuts belonging to two female pronouns
3. Bovine juice
4. A feline
5. Red planet
6. A controversial rap artist
7. Female pronouns and smooches
8. Forbidden desires
9. Chewing action
10. In a jungle on an elephant
11. Cream filled pastries

How many did you get? Here are the rest of them...


1. Snickers
2. Hershey's Almonds
3. Dairy Milk
4. Kit Kat
5. Mars
6. M&Ms( Eminem's)
7. Hershey Kisses
8. Temptations
9. Munch
10. Safari
11. Eclairs


the candy quiz said...

This candy bar quiz was seriously very amazing, the factors they chosen as question were mind-blowing!

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