Cartoon Network Birthday Party - Ben Ten Invitations

Its been a while since the Birthday but I've been busy and you can see what all I've been up to here. Still I guess I should share some of the details.
There was no clear theme as we have already done most of the favourite cartoon characters in previous birthdays. Since my son could not decide on one character to base his birthday party theme on, we picked up all his favourite left over ones.
The invites were made using this old spiral diary that he had and was not really using. Or rather had scrawled all over in.

 It had the Ben Ten figure on each of the pages and we used them to make the cards.
 I kept a part of the background as it gave depth to the image. Plus it was easier to use the stuff already there than to make it fresh.

The basic cards were cut out of light green card paper and smeared with some glue before golden sparkles were sprinkled on to them. After that the Ben Ten image was pasted on to the center and there you have it invitation cards ready!

This is what the completed project looked like. The words inside were written by sonny boy and then the cards were hand delivered to all his friends in the colony.

There was a Magic Show by magician Samrat. He did a really good job of keeping the children entertained and even made them play games.

The games included
1. Fire On the Mountain
2. Pass the Parcel
3. Statue Dance
All standard favourites that everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

Cake was Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. It was a pineapple base three kg cake.

 The giveaways were all Bay Blades. That is the latest craze doing the rounds in his friend circle these days and everyone was thrilled to get one.

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party

It was the birthday of a good friend's son and the theme was a Cowboy Round up. Here's how you can have your very own Cowboy Themed Birthday Party.

The Invitations

Get a golden brown chart paper and cut out horseshoe shapes. Now stick these on to regular chart paper cards that you have cut out already and your cowboy themed cards are ready. Here's what you can use as the text inside.
 Its ( Birthday Kid's Name )'s birthday and you are invited to the Cowboy Round Up. 
Come dressed in Cowboy Hats and Boots and put your lassoing skills to test.
Date :               

The Decor

Use huge cardboard boxes to make three buildings on the street of the western town where the round up is being hosted. These would include a Salon where the cowboys can get their drinks, a stable where the horses can be tethered, and naturally a Jail where the sheriff can lock away the bad guys. Be creative and have fun.

The Games
As soon as everyone comes in hand them over a red scarf to wear around the neck. It will help set the tone for the games to come.

Pin the Flower on the Cactus

This one is the same as pin the tail on the donkey. Get the children to line up for their turn. Blindfold the one whose turn it it and then hand them the flower to pin onto the cactus.

The card paper sheet can be drawn out in advance and kept ready. Use normal oil tack pins for positioning the flower on to the card paper. If you have one handy paste the card paper on a wall, if not just loop it over the back of a chair.

The child who pins the flower closest to the top of the cactus wins the game.

Loop the Lasso

No cowboy worth his salt can be considered a cowboy until he can lasso a couple of heads. So now its time to prove your worth.

Use a regular rope to make a lasso knot and allow the children to do target practice of a head of stuffed sheep or horse.

You can use a rocking horse as the target if you have one. If you don't just use a bolster as the supposed head and let them lasso it.

Ideally give each child three turns to get the lasso on to the head and pull it in.

The Food

The main event at any birthday party is the cake. So the ten gallon hat would make a good option for a cowboy themed birthday party. Its easy enough to sculpt even if you are making it at home. Or go for the cowboy boot complete with detailing and spurs. You could even continue with the horseshoe as the cake, similar to the one that went out on the invitations. Ask your child which one he would prefer.

For the snacks keep it simple. Sandwiches, potato chips, skewer some fruit like apples and grapes onto satay sticks, and add some drumsticks if you are serving chicken. You can also have lamb chops if you are offering non vegetarian food.

The Giveaways

For the return gifts you can give them cowboy pistols and sheriff badges. If you wish you can add to the booty with sweets and candies.

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