Cartoon Network Birthday Party - Ben Ten Invitations

Its been a while since the Birthday but I've been busy and you can see what all I've been up to here. Still I guess I should share some of the details.
There was no clear theme as we have already done most of the favourite cartoon characters in previous birthdays. Since my son could not decide on one character to base his birthday party theme on, we picked up all his favourite left over ones.
The invites were made using this old spiral diary that he had and was not really using. Or rather had scrawled all over in.

 It had the Ben Ten figure on each of the pages and we used them to make the cards.
 I kept a part of the background as it gave depth to the image. Plus it was easier to use the stuff already there than to make it fresh.

The basic cards were cut out of light green card paper and smeared with some glue before golden sparkles were sprinkled on to them. After that the Ben Ten image was pasted on to the center and there you have it invitation cards ready!

This is what the completed project looked like. The words inside were written by sonny boy and then the cards were hand delivered to all his friends in the colony.

There was a Magic Show by magician Samrat. He did a really good job of keeping the children entertained and even made them play games.

The games included
1. Fire On the Mountain
2. Pass the Parcel
3. Statue Dance
All standard favourites that everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

Cake was Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. It was a pineapple base three kg cake.

 The giveaways were all Bay Blades. That is the latest craze doing the rounds in his friend circle these days and everyone was thrilled to get one.


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