Healthy Doughnuts! I call them - Atta Donuts

Healthy Donuts! - Ironic or real?
Well it all began when I took a 3 hour Puffs and Doughnut class with Deepa. While I have been making both before I wanted to see if I could get them to look more professional than the ones I do at home. Once I finished the class I began thinking of a healthier alternative. After all so much butter and maida is not great for the bums! I decided to make the doughnuts using atta instead of maida. So here is what the end result was.
Healthy Doughnuts made from Atta

So if that looks good enough to eat I'll give you the recipe and the story behind the single blue glazed doughnut.

For the Dough

200 grams of atta
15 grams of milk powder
40 grams of butter
4 teaspoons of granulated sugar
1 and 1/2 teaspoon of dry yeast
1 egg
100 ml water
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
Oil for frying

First I warmed the 100 ml water in a cup in the microwave for 30 seconds and added the dry yeast to it. I also added the 4 spoons of sugar to this and mixed well for about a minute till the sugar began to dissolve. Then I put the cup back in the microwave and shut the door (you can put it in any warm place to activate the yeast). It takes about 5-7 minutes for the yeast to begin bubbling.

Second I sieved the atta I was going to use. Since it was fresh I just did it once, but if you feel its not light enough you can repeat this a couple of times. Then I mixed the atta, milk powder and butter till it was bread crumb consistency. This was left aside for about five minutes. (In the original recipe she used 1/2 teaspoon bread improver and needed to rest the mixture for 15-20 mins)

Third I added one egg, the yeast and water mix, and the vanilla essence to the atta mixture. Then I began to knead the very sticky dough. It took about 4-5 minutes to get the whole thing to hold together. Then I placed the dough back inside the microwave while I prepared the ingredients for the topping. (In the original recipe she coated the dough with oil and left it to rise for 20-30 minutes in a warm place)

Lastly I used my trusty old doughnut cutter to cut out the shapes from the rolled out dough. The thickness was about 1/4 inch so as to get a decent sized doughnut in the end. These were fried in oil and set to cool for a while as I mixed up the glaze topping.

For the Topping

2 cups icing sugar
3-4 tablespoons water
few drops of lemon juice
colour optional
sugar strand sprinkles

Mix up the icing sugar, lemon juice and water together till the sugar melts. Its sort of like beating coffee and takes about 3 minutes. The end result should be a rather thick smooth white coloured paste.The paste can be spooned up with ease.

I used the same bowl to stick in the warm doughnuts to glaze one side. While the glaze was yet to set I quickly sprinkled the sugar strands on it to embed them. Then I left them all to set in the box I was going to store them.

The Story of the Solitary Blue Atta Donut

Since I had not used any colour in the rest I wanted to see what one glazed with blue would look like. So I added a few drops of food colour to the icing mix above and then sprinkled it with chocolate strands. Must say it was quite eye catching and I intend to do more with glaze colours the next batch I make.

Cinnabon like Cinnamon Buns Experiment

My friend recently posted a picture on Facebook of some Cinnabon like Cinnamon Buns that she made from scratch at home. They looked amazing and anyone who has tasted them knows that they also taste delicious. So I badgered her for the recipe and she sent me the link to the YouTube video that she used. Now that had a number of things that I do not have handy, so I decided to substitute where I could and see what that would get me.

 I used two cheese spread boxes and regular ration butter, the salted variety, along with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and regular granulated sugar to make the cream cheese frosting.

I mixed  it all up with my trusty hand blender. And then I put the mixed frosting into the fridge while I figured out what to do about the actual bun.

I warmed one cup of milk in the milk patila and then added two eggs to it to whisk. Also added 1\3 cup melted butter to it and 2 teaspoons of dry yeast along with 4 cups of maida (flour). Then I used the hand beater to mix them all together till it formed a rather sticky feeling dough.

 This dough was then covered with aluminum foil and left to rest for an hour.
Then I made a mixture of one cup of sugar, I used white regular while the original recipe called for brown, and two tablespoons of cinnamon powder.

 Once the dough rose I used a floured surface to roll it out as much as I could and added some softened butter to it. Then I sprinkled the sugar and cinnamon mixture on to it and folded it up like a roll. This was cut into one inch rolls and then placed on a greased baking pan and put into the oven to bake. The original recipe calls for 15 min at 200 degree Celsius, but you may need to tweak that as per your oven.

Once they are baked add the frosting we made earlier on the top and let it soak for a while. Serve warm.

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