Airline Themed Birthday Party

We recently attended a really fun birthday party on an airline theme. The Birthday Boy is a major fan of all things aviation, so it made sense to base the party on air crafts. Here is what the doting parents came up with.

The Invitations
Any airline journey begins with the boarding pass. So it was natural to have an invite in the shape of a boarding pass. Loved the bar codes to give it an authentic feel.

The Decorations
The walls were adorned with a world map and balloons in the shapes of different helicopters and aircrafts. The chairs were set in two lines like seats in a commercial aircraft.

The Games
Paper Plane Challenge - The children were all given rough paper to make their own paper planes. Then they had a fly off to see whose went the most distance. It was loads of fun and a whole number of innovative aircraft designs were seen.

They also had a game of musical chairs and dancing statue. Both the games are perennial favourites and went down really well with the children. Here is one game that I feel would go with an airline theme in case you are planning a similar party.

File the Flight Plan - Have four different charts with flight segments shown on each chart. Tell them the starting point and the destination. Now the children need to match the flight segments on each chart to the actual flight plan of the entire flight duration. The fastest child to come up with the completed flight plan wins.

The Food
The mother brought out her food trolley and all the in flight meal was served to the children while they were seated in twin files. The trolley coming down the aisle and the parents as pursers. It was great fun for the kids. The cake was a chocolate truffle with fondant icing, the three planes on the cake were made of gum paste and fondant and were edible, while the ones on the side were toy planes that were used for added flair! 

The Giveaways 
The unique part of the take home gift was a muffin with a fondant plane on it. This is the one that we came home with. The plastic dome cap gave it a beautiful appeal. The silver fondant aircraft was a miniature one that was placed on the chocolate muffin. 

So there you have it, an amazing airline based birthday party.


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