Coffee and Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe

Since my husband is quite fond of Tiramisu I tend to make it fairly often since a good friend of mine taught me how to make it at home. This time round when I made it I decided to do a post on it.
First I baked a regular chocolate cake. You can use the Chocolate Cake recipe here. Then I sliced it in half, soaked it in milk and let it cool off.

 Once it had cooled off some what I plastered it with some chocolate fudge icing.
I used ready made Funfoods chocolate fudge but you can make your own fudge icing at home as well.

Then I made some mascapone cheese, which is usually not so easily available.  This is a simple homemade mascapone cheese recipe with which this exotic cheese becomes easily available at home.

You need about 200 gms of cream and two spoons of lemon juice.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon. Please ensure that no seeds or pith gets involved or the taste will be terrible!

Place the cream in a bowl on the fire and heat on medium flame for about 7-8 minutes. I used the Amul cream packet, but any cream will work. Add lemon juice to the bowl of cream.

It will sort of thicken and curdle a bit. Then leave it aside to cool. I also add a little coffee to the cream for this tiramisu to enhance the flavour.
Then the mascapone cheese was also plastered on to the cake covered with fudge layer.

Then the top of the cake was replaced and the fudge and mascapone cheese layers were again repeated.
A word of advice, you may like to make a coffee decoction with water before adding to the mascapone cheese to avoid the bits of coffee in the creamy dessert.

Check out the different layers in the Tiramisu. The top layer is a mixture of whipping cream and chocolate fudge.

See how easy it is to make! You can make it even more exotic by making the layers thinner, more work but totally worth it. You can also make the pudding in small glass cups for individual portions.
So what are you waiting for? Go try out the new recipe of the month and send me feedback on how it tasted!

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