Super Fruit Pudding

This was a super fast assembly pudding once you had all the ingredients in place. My son loved it and so did the guests we had over for lunch. For once it was not a chocolate based pudding and so even I enjoyed cooking it. It can become difficult to drum up enthusiasm for chocolate when all you ever seem to bake at home is chocolate cake and muffins. This pudding thankfully has absolutely no chocolate!

Basic Vanilla Cake
1 Kiwi fruit - finely sliced
Strawberry Coulis (recipe below)
1 packet Whipping Cream (I used tropolite but you can use whatever you like)
Milk for soaking

1. I baked the cake in the same dish I assembled the pudding - (For the Basic Cake recipe click here. Its the second recipe on the page.)
2. Then I sliced it in half so that I could get two layers of cake for the pudding.I used milk to soak them and keep them soft.
3. Then I placed the first layer of cake in the dish and added one layer of Stawberry Coulis.

4. Placed another layer of cake on that and again layered it with Strawberry Coulis.
5. This was followed by a layer of whipped cream and then I made a nice little lattice design with the coulis. Which I later filled in with some kiwi fruit.
The recipe for the Strawberry Coulis

1. I got three boxes of fresh strawberries and removed the leaves. Washed them and left them to dry out.
2. Then I chopped them up and added them to a bowl along with some sugar. Use about on fourth the quantity of sugar as compared to the strawberry. I used one small cup.
3. After letting the juices run for about half an hour I transferred the bowl to the fire and cooked for about two to three minutes till all the sugar had dissolved.
4. I waited for the mix to cool down and then transferred it to the grinder to roughly paste it.
5. In the end I added a teaspoon of lemon and mixed it in well with the strawberry paste.

This mixture can be cooled and stored in the fridge for up to a week.

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