Baking Brownies in the Microwave

I love chocolate. Open secret. My house is full of chocoholics. So gooey, frosted brownies are very popular in my home. We've been buying them from different bakeries just to compare tastes. Then I got curious when a friend of mine posted a homemade brownie pic on Facebook. I asked her for the recipe and she sent over the All Recipes link. It needed an oven. I don't have a convection oven, just a regular fifteen year old microwave. I decided to alter it a bit and see how it would turn out.


For the Brownies

1/2 cup or 115g Butter (ration walla is fine)
1 cup White Sugar (ditto)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla powder (use vanilla essence if no powder is available)
1/3 cup unsweetened Cocoa powder ( I used the loose Indonesian one from INA market)
1/2 cup Flour (maida)
1/4 teaspoon Salt (yup, even with salted butter)
1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder

Just mix all the ingredients for the frosting together and stir till smooth.

For the Frosting

3 tablespoons softened Butter
3 tablespoons unsweetened Cocoa powder
1 tablespoon Honey
1 teaspoon Vanilla powder
1 cup confectioner's Sugar (icing sugar to the uninitiated)


1. Grease and flour an 8 inch square baking dish.
2. Melt the butter in a vessel and remove from heat.
3. Once it cools a bit stir in the sugar, vanilla powder and cocoa.
4. Beat in the eggs and add the baking powder and salt.
5. Beat till the sugar dissolves.
6. Add the flour and beat some more till smooth.
7. Pour into baking dish and bake on "High" for five minutes.
8. Leave to stand in microwave for ten minutes while you fix the frosting.
9. Frost the cake while still warm. Leave to cool and set.
10. Cut into the requisite square slices.

Colour will darken as it cools. It was absolutely yummy and so simple! It disappeared within 12 hours!

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