Mathura Pedas with Ghee Residue Milk Solids

If you have ever visited the Bankebihari Temple in Mathura, you have eaten those brown pedas that they use as prasad. And if you make ghee at home from the cream that comes off the milk you know how to make the khoya needed to make these pedas.

Making the Khoya or Ghee Residue Milk Solids is simple. Collect a bowl full of cream and then put in in a heavy bottomed pan to cook. The white milk solids will separate from the ghee and as they begin to turn brown take the pan off the heat. Now simply sieve the ghee away and put the khoya (the ghee residue) away to cool off.


One cup of Khoya about 250 gms
4 spoons of castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg powder
Desiccated coconut powder as required


1. Place the khoya in the mixie jar and blend it.
2. Add the castor sugar and nutmeg powder and blend some more.
3. Place the coconut powder in a plate.
4. Take a spoonful of the khoya mixture and roll it in the coconut.
5. Make a circular peda shape and place it in a plate.
6. Repeat till you use up all the khoya mixture and place the plate in the fridge for the pedas to solidify.

It's ready to eat folks. One of the best uses of ghee residue ever possible.


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